End of lease cleaning in Melbourne

Relocating a house is not an easy task. It brings a lot of stress, as you have to move everything safely from point A to B. Also, you need to clean the house properly to get your deposit back. MS VIC Property provides excellent service of end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. You can hire us for this service, as we have experience of many years. We will fulfill all the requirements of the lease agreement. So, there is no need for you to worry that during the inspection, you will face any issue.

Our company is not like other cleaning companies. At the time the client hires us for the service, firstly we visit the property to see, what kind of cleaning is required for your home? We do it because not all the houses condition is the same. Few are in better condition, and some are in worst, so to clean them, we have to make different strategies. Those whom houses are in good condition, just need a little touch-up. On the other hand, the house with whom the condition is worst required one of deep cleaning services. We like to tell our clients that in both situations the price is not the same. In short, you pay us according to the work we have to do for you. 

Areas we cover at End of lease cleaning in Melbourne

Our end of lease cleaning services is not limited to a specific area of your property. We clean every corner of your property for you.

  • Bedrooms and living areas: We clean carpets, doors, windows, mirrors, switchboards, and all other things for you properly. We make a checklist and make sure nothing left.
  • Kitchen and bathroom: they both are the areas that need deep cleaning. While cleaning and kitchen and bathroom, we make sure not even the tiniest stain left behind. In the kitchen, we clean cupboards, islands, appliances, exterior and interior, sinks, and even taps properly. In the bathroom, we focus on cleaning bathtubs, taps, showers, tiles, mirrors, and so on.
  • Exterior cleaning: Yes, we clean the exterior of the house for you too. We can clean, patio balcony, garage, driveway, backyard, and even front yard for you.

Why MS VIC Property for bond cleaning service?

For those who are thinking about why they should hire us for the service, the points below will provide the answer, for sure.

  • Our service is pocket-friendly. You pay for the service you take from us. Also, our service is free of hidden charges.
  • At the time you hire us to clean your property, we treat your property as our own.
  • We provide free instant quotes too.
  • As our customer, you can customize the service package on your own.
  • Our cleaning services are available 24/7.
  • The equipment we use for cleaning is modern. Also, all the cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly. Also, we assure you that our products are chemical-free, neither they will damage your furniture, nor they will cause any allergic reaction.
  • We value the client’s money. So, we assure you that at the end of the service, as our client you will not feel any disappointment while paying.

Qualified Staff

We are able to achieve everything mentioned above because of our qualified staff. At the time we hire someone, we make sure to train them well. Those who pass our training test, able to join our company. While hiring workers, we also do a background check. For those who are involved in any suspicious activities, we didn’t hire them. Once our team arrives at the property, they visit it for inspection as mentioned above. Once the inspection is done, our workers make a proper plan, share it with you, and then start working. We assure the customer that they will get their deposit back without any deduction. Here, we are so sure about it because we have done many cleaning tasks in the past. We know will what the expectation of a landlord is? We come across many clients who think simple cleaning is enough to impress the landlord and investigator. It is the reason we use techniques that are modern and effective, to make home shiny.

What are our strengths?

We started our cleaning agency from scratch, but now we are among the top-rated companies in Melbourne. It happens because of our hard work and the love clients gave to us. Also, we stay true to our customers. At the time they hire us for the service, we explain everything to them thoroughly. We break down the service price for the customer and also tell them what the service they might need other than the those they are taking from us are. We never force our customers to get additional service, as all depends on them. We just give a suggestion; in the end, the decision is solely taken by the customer, and we follow the guidelines.

End of lease cleaning in Melbourne

Other services we provide!

End of lease cleaning is not the only service we provide to our customers. We offer other services too, such as:

  • Builders cleaning

It is a service in which you can hire us for cleaning, once the renovation of your house or any other construction task is done. Our workers arrive at the location fully prepared and make sure not even a single dust particle left behind.

  • Painting services

If you want to transform your home by getting the house painting service, you can hire us. We have professional painters with exceptional skills. If you need any consultation related to colors, our professionals will guide you well.

Book our service!

The booking process for our end of lease cleaning service is fairly easy. you don’t have to fill long forms or visit our office for the service booking. You can easily book our service online, or you can call us at 0406492257 / 0457022457 to book the service. If you have any questions related to our service or need to know about our other services, Our customer care staff will respond to you within a few hours.